Looking Towards a Career in Courier Delivery

A courier or delivery personnel driver can occupied within a variety of different methods.

A courier can be a leaflet distributor who walks from door to door delivering the latest pizza menus or advertising pamphlets.

A courier may also be a truck driver or air courier passenger travelling to long haul distances overseas.

A bicycle courier can make around 3 per letter delivered on average.

If you can deliver around four of these in an hour you could make up around 12 per hour.

You will need your own bicycle, crash helmet and a solid set of brakes. You will need confidence as you will more than likely be riding through heavy traffic.

There will be occasional confrontations with other road users and the working environment in not ideal.

Traffic fumes and the risk of injury are hour but if you can find a company that operates in a smaller city, this would be more suitable.

There are those that own a small van and would consider a career in courier work.

A small van can hold much larger parcels and even reach destinations from town to town in a same day with ease.

Fuel prices are expensive so the overheads on running your own van can be high.

However, hard work does pay dividends and if you are prepared to put the work in then it can become rewarding.

Career in Courier Delivery

There are many roles for people who wish to work in the courier industry.

The jobs available are not confined to simply delivering a parcel from one door to another.

There are Freight Managers who will often work from a transport depot or temporary office and be responsible for maximising profits for the transport division in the company he or she works for.

There are warehouse operatives that unload trucks and vans and respond to the needs of the clients.

They will also be responsible for picking and packing some of the goods which are required for onward delivery by the courier driver.

A Logistics Shipping Clerk is another important link in the chain of the courier's role.

He or she will work with HM Customs and Excise departments, shipping organizations, sea freight companies, courier firms, banks and clients.

The roles all serve to help a customer get a parcel, letter or item of importance to a receiving customer.

There are also many couriers who are in the trade as specialist courier drivers.

One company based in Syston, Leicester deliver large bulky items like computer mainframes, pianos; king sized double beds and anything else that requires a team of couriers on one particular special services delivery.