The Courier (Delivering and Couriers)

Today in business companies tend to have very little time to spend out of the office, therefore hiring a courier to deliver as a representative for that company is fast becoming a trend in businesses across the world.

In London there are a number of cycle couriers who can negotiate their way through heavy, slow-moving traffic to deliver a package with speed and an intimate door to door service.

The average speed of traffic in London's centre during the working week can be as slow as 11mph.

A congestion charge zone was introduced to all traffic except emergency vehicles, taxis and buses to try to alleviate the sheer volume of traffic in some of the more congested roads.

Bicycle couriers are exempt from payment and also pay no fuel costs so delivery charges can be kept competitively low.

The London courier cyclist can move at around the same speed as a car in congested London traffic and at times even faster.

There are no issues with parking fines or restrictions and can offer more of a guarantee of getting that mail shot, business document or video tape delivered on time.



Bicycle messengers are used primarily in business centres in cities such as in London, Singapore, New York and Boston among others. The job does not come without risks however.

In London alone, as many as 15 bicycle couriers have been killed in road accidents in the first decade of the 21st Century.

In today's commercial and technology advanced cities many couriers are GPS located by smartphone or hand held tracking devices.

Delivering and Couriers

Motorcycle messengers often carry items of great importance like organs for transplant and some of these couriers actually have similar restrictions on speed limits lifted, in a similar way emergency vehicles are exempt from speeding penalties.

It is not unusual sometimes for a courier to be police presence on some journeys that are delivering vital medical equipment.

A casual courier is someone who may be that person who is ready to hop on a plane at a moments notice and deliver a package to wherever the client has requested.



Delivery fees can be subsequently reduced by companies employing a casual courier.

Using an air courier will be more expensive and will also involve certain restrictions such as timing and speed travel needs.

A courier may also deliver specific documents of great importance.

The diplomatic courier will handle sensitive and often secret documents.

Diplomatic couriers are often exempt from penalties imposed on offences committed during the time they are delivering a diplomatic package.