Discount Courier Services

If a company wants to keep delivery costs down to a minimum it will look for couriers who offer a discount.

Many courier firms are sold contracts by sales personnel, who work specifically for a courier company and will negotiate bulk mail and parcel delivery service for companies at a discounted rate.

Bicycle couriers offer a discounted service because their rates and overheads are kept low.

A bicycle courier can deliver within the city centre often at a similar speed that a van or truck can.

This is because the speed of heavy traffic in inner city centres is often slowed to a crawl by heavy volume.

A bicycle can negotiate its way through heavy traffic without the worry of traffic jams.

It will also benefit from not having any parking restrictions so often imposed on van or truck deliveries.

Even motorcycle deliveries are occasionally restricted as to where they can stop but this is not generally a problem.

In London for example a congestion charge is imposed on all vehicles using the more congested road routes. This fee is usually around £8 per day but emergency vehicles, taxis and buses (as well as cyclists) are exempt from this fee.

Therefore a bicycle courier can keep overheads down to a minimum and pass these on to its customers.

Discount Courier Services

In the UK, Parcel 2 Go offer cheap discounted bulk shipping.

It keeps overheads down to a minimum and simply gets a parcel from you to your customer without any frills.

They do not offer a same day service as yet but plans are afoot to implement this in time.

Parcel 2 Go works with some of the big names in the courier industry.

Parcel 2 Go will use DHL, Parcel Force and Federal Express (FedEx) and will deliver internationally to 241 different countries.

The courier firm is particularly popular with some eBay stores who take advantage of a five percent discount if they sign up with the courier firm.



If you are in need to send off a package to a friend or customer then you could end up saving a great deal of money if your parcel weighs in excess of 2kg.

A discounted courier found on the internet may well save you a lot of money if you choose to shop around as opposed to using the standard Royal Mail service.

You may have a birthday or Christmas present to send from one part of the UK to another or you could be an eBay trader who wants to ship a heavy book or pair of boots to a customer.


If you negotiate with Royal Mail the costs of a parcel weighing in excess of 2kg you may well find the service is too costly.

So, when is the best time to use a discounted courier service?

Royal Mail is still the cheapest for those who want to use light items such as Christmas and birthday cards.

To send an item say around 4kg it could cost you around £8.50 and you do not receive any tracking and tracing services on that.

There is a discount courier that can achieve the same service and include a track and trace service for around £6.75. Delivery will normally be achieved within three days but can take up to five.

So if there is no immediate hurry on your pair of boots or PC tower you want to send to your client, it is well worth checking for discounted courier services first.