International Deliveries

Sending a parcel overseas can be as simple as sending one within the UK.

The procedure is very much the same but there are one or two key elements to look out for.

Many courier firms will offer a next day service to New York. This is because the service between London and New York is a regular route.

However sending parcels to countries that form part of a UN sanction of any freight could get you into trouble.

Parcel Link provides a discounted international courier service to most European countries for a very good rate.

It will also take pallets of goods for around £60 to most European destinations.

As with all international deliveries as well as domestic ones, the Royal Mail is still the best way forward when looking to send overseas cheaply.

However once your parcel becomes heavy (in excess of 2kg) once again it may well pay to use an international courier firm offering discounted shipments overseas.

It all depends on which world zone you are sending a parcel to in the world, as to how much the cost will be.

If sending from the UK you can be expected to send within Europe (or EU countries) reasonably cheaply but once your package is heading off to South Eastern Asia or Australasia the cost will dramatically increase somewhat.

International Deliveries

Worldwide Parcel Services are able to accommodate a parcel delivery to most main hubs in Europe for just £15. It will make use of DHL vans using Europe's roads and promise delivery within about three days.

The same company can also offer a great discount on packages heading off to New York. Providing the item does not exceed 10kg in weight, it is possible to deliver a package to New York within four days for around £34.