Important Check List before Sending a Package or Parcel

Before you take that package to you local courier company or have it collected there are a number of important things you need to be aware of before you let packet go into the ether.

You may have well used a reputable company or a well known internationally recognized courier business but this does not mean your parcel may not suddenly go missing.

Courier firms handle millions of packages every month and it has happened where in the past a company mislays or simply cannot find an item.

Is the item you are sending valuable or unique? If the item is unique and cannot be replaced then it is a good idea for you to reconsider the courier option.

It has been known before that an author once sent more than three years work via a courier company for onward delivery to his publisher in London.

You can only imagine the despair of that author when he was told by the publisher that they had not received his works?

In fact the book was missing for around a week when it was eventually located at the wrong London hub. It is now a relief for authors to have the ability to back up all their hard work on computers these days.

If in the unlikely event you do need to make some kind of claim against a courier company then you will need to approach the discounted courier company first.

They will send you a form from the main courier firm which you need to fill out.

Often some courier companies have inadequate resources to chase up missing parcels.

As one can imagine this becomes a time of anguish for the customer.

Important Check List before Sending a Package or Parcel

What sort of things should you check when sending a parcel through a discounted courier service?

If your parcel does become lost or damaged you may have problems chasing them up for answers.

It is not because the courier company plain refuses to help;

it is often that it is understaffed or does not have the necessary resources to deal with your complaint.